Digital Products With Different Download Files And Prices Per Variant

How does one setup digital/egood products to have different SKU's, prices and downloads files for each variant?
For example, in the product description page, I have a Product Option drop-down box that allows the customer to choose from the following 6 Variants:
1) .png file format ($2.00)
2) .jpg file format ($2.00)
3) .gif file format ($2.00)
4) .tif file format ($10.00)
5) .eps file format ($15.00)
6) .ai file format ($25.00)
So, if a customer chooses option 6 he would receive the zip distribution file for use with Adobe Illustrator (the .ai file format).
Another scenario is to sell products with different SKU's, downloads and prices for each variant. For example, to sell software available for different operating systems, one can have a different download for Mac, PC, and Unix purchases.
Is there an Addon for this feature? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated and thank you for your time!

Use "option combinations". You'll proably need to set the download option to manually to select the right file to provide a link to, but that will give you separate SKU's.

I'm new to CS so I will have to look at the KB on how to use "option combinations" but when you say to "manually select the right file..." I think it's like a band aid to the solution. Seems to me I could just leave as-is, process manually, do away with sku's and just switch files when the need comes.

It's odd, why even allow variants on egoods when you can't even include different files?

Another odd thing, why no developer has taken the task to build a much-needed add-on.

Anyways tbirn, thanks for responding and your suggestion, I will have a look.

Not arguing that there should be a way to relate a file download with an option variant. However, out of the box, there's not.

You could invest in extending the cart to allow for this, but my guess would be the expense would be too high for the perceived value returned.

There are many reasons to have variants on downloadable products. For me, I use them for identifying what version, edition and number of storefronts that the customer want's to purchase licenses for. That option info is parsed by my license server to generate a license key. Alternatively it MIGHT reflect a different file to download.

Unfortunately, the product does not meet everyone's needs as distributed. And I'm sure there are others who would NOT want to have to setup a download file per variant (I being one).

Thank you TBirn, I did learn a bit about option combinations after you and CS staff suggested that I try that solution...I used the KB and CS-Cart's YouTube video tutorials, they helped a LOT.

In case someone needs to catch up on option combinations on Youtube, this is Part 2 and talks about option combinations, great tutorial by CS-Cart!

Yes, using combinations does get the job done and I can also see that setting up my files per variant can be tedious, to say the least :) and I may have to reconsider and use only on very particular products.

Thank you for your help