Digital downloads

Ok i am hoping this to be a real easy answer to my question.

At what point does a customer get his download link. I understand that when a custiomer has paid it flags up ‘processed’ in the order log. Is it an automatic thing when it reached this status or is it when i manually change it to ‘completed’.

Advice on this would be great.


When the customer is taken to the order sucessful page the download link will be avaliable… I have found with PayPal that occasionaly they have to refresh the page to see the link. It is also emailed to them.

The best way to find these things out is to make a load of test orders :wink:

Hi thanks for getting back to me on this and point you to a post you replied to earlier [url][/url].

The issue i still have is no real difinitive answer has been given for the return URL and the response from CS-Cart was

[COLOR=“DimGray”]‘You do not need to enable IPN in PayPal (and enter something into the “Return URL” field), because CS-Cart passes “return_url” parameter together with other ones to PayPal server and that activates IPN


And a customer sees the “Thank you” page as PayPal requires only after he clicks on the “Return to merchant” button.’[/COLOR]

So my question is what is the link to the ‘order sucessful page’ and if so can this page be edited.

It all very up in the air really, so sorry for asking again.

Well, basically you dont need to add anything to PayPal for CS to work. However it will not forward you automatically, you have to click on the ‘return to merchant’ button… Now, as I have come to understand you can specify a page if you want however it would have to be a ‘static’ page meaning that it couldnt display the order details and in your case the download link.

Basically I think you’ll just have to stick with the return to merchant button needing to be clicked.

Perhaps a return url can be passed from cs to paypal with the script but I have no idea how this would be done, you need to speak to support as they are the ones who know what they are talking about!