Digital Downloads - How to setup?


is there a guide how to set up digital downloads in your store?

I’m planning to create a shop only to provide digital products, such as .zip files which should be available to download automatically after completing the payment via paypal.

I already played a bit around in our demo store, but I couln’d figure it out getting it working correctly. Is there a guide or a thread already existing about how to set up digital products?


Check the “Downloadable” checkbox on the item detail page.

Click the “files” link on the top of the item detail page (this is what you’re looking for).

Add the file to be downloaded and set whether you want it enabled automatcially and for how long after the order is placed.

Does anyone know where the “Downloadable” files are put when uploaded onto the server?

Suddenly my files are showing as invalid once downloaded and I need to check the permissions. I just moved the cart to a new server and think the problem might be that the permissions changed. But I can’t find the folder to check!