Diffrent Taxes For Multiple Storefronts

Hello there,

i have an issue.

Just created on CS-Cart Ultimate two storefronts.

1. B2C

2. B2B

They share the same products.

The b2c product is showed with tax (included). This is OK.

But i cant change the taxes checkbox for the same produkt in the b2b storefront to vat free (tax not included).

This promleb causes also an Problem on checkout pages for b2c and b2b.

Any solutions?


Juan C

Nevermind guys i found the solution.

Please share your solution

Hi, I'm also looking for a solution to this exact problem. Anyone?

You should be able to make the customer tax exempt, meaning they won't have to pay VAT. I use Seonids add-on to do this automatically, it also checks the EU VAT number.

Not exactly. Most of my customers are from the same country as I am (Denmark.) So in my use case tax needs to calculated for both my B2C and B2B storefronts. The difference between the two is that the first needs to have prices displayed with tax and the second needs prices displayed without tax. Taxes are still applied to both on the invoice.

Ah so you are talking about how it shows on the storefront? Can't you, for your b2c storefront, uncheck the boxes like: Display prices with taxes on category/product pages if the method of calculating taxes is based on a unit's price ?

Well, I just looked a little into it, and I think it might be possible for me to use the same tax method on both storefronts and then manipulate the price appearance through the templates.

Sorry guys, was too busy.

My solution is just like Otho wrote.

I changed the appearance through the templates. (products.tpl)

But its a very big issue for me (or us) in Europe.

We need to provide prices with and without Taxes on B2B Storefront and the Taxes need to be calculated on the checkout.

The customer pays always with taxes.