Different Shipping Address Between Cs-Cart And Paypal

On our store, we exclusively use PayPal express checkout. The problem we are having is that during checkout, a customer will enter their shipping address on our CS-Cart, then they go to check out with PayPal, and almost always, their PayPal shipping address differs from the address they entered into CS-Cart. We then have to contact each customer and find out which address they want us to ship to.

What are possible resolutions to this?

Can we remove the billing/shipping info completely? We have no need for a billing info or shipping info section in CS-Cart when all payments get handled by PayPal anyway.

Go to the PayPal Payments add on and uncheck "Override Customer Info."

Thanks... resolved :).

I'd not remove it: very often Paypal addresses are old or a customer wants us to ship to a different address (work, relative etc.)