Different Pricing Levels


I've been trying to think of how to setup the below example, but I can't think of a way to do it.

We have a customer who has 3 pricing levels. E.g

Product Price - £10.00

Level 1 User (10% off Product Price) - £9.00

Level 2 User (10% off Level 1 User) - £8.10

I can setup the User groups so there is 10% off the Product Price and then another for 20% off the Product Price which is easy enough, however is there a way to set a discount rule, which is 10% off another rule?

I needs to be the above prices, not the below, which I already have setup.

Product Price - £10.00

Level 1 User (10% off Product Price) - £9.00

Level 2 User (20% off Product Price) - £8.00



I am not sure what exactly do you want to achieve? If level 1 gets 10% discount, and level 2 gets 20% discounts, can't you just set two separate usergroups and create a separate promotion for each of them? If customer can only belong to one group at a time (he can't be both level 1 and 2 at the same time), it resolves the issue.

If I misunderstood something, please explain problem with more details. Eventually, you can also show screenshots from your store which are showing incorrect results you''re getting.

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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry if I have not explained it correctly.

Our customer has a 3 tier pricing structure, but they base their pricing on.

Gold Price (Cheapest) > Silver Price (+ 10% of Gold) > Bronze Price (+ 10% of Silver)

E.g. £10.00 > £11.00 > £12.00

I've tried to explain it should work the other ways for carts.

Bronze Price > Silver Price (-10% of Bronze) > Gold (-20% of Silver)

E.g. £12 > £10.80 > £9.60

But this is not how they have their pricing structure setup.

I can't find a way to reverse their pricing structure using the user group discounts to make the prices work.

They would be happy to manully enter 3 different prices for each product, but this doesn't seem to be an option on the cart.

The customer has now reversed the pricing, so this issue is resolved now.