Different Pricing Discounts For Groups

Is it possible to give different discounts to a group depending on total cart price.


If a customer belongs to a user certain group and buys $1000 worth I want to give him a 5% discount if that customer buys $2000 worth I want to give him a 10% discount and etc.

Has anyone done this?

Have you tried a cart promotion and than add under conditions to User Groups?

I have not tried to do it. I was worried that the customer may get two discounts. I thought i would check here before trying.

Let me give it a whirl and see what happens.

Tried it I don't think it can be done?

So you want to emulate the "quantity" discounts with a "purchase" discount that is based on price rather than quantity?

We have a "Group minimum orders" addon that could probably be adjusted to look at price and apply a discount versus just verifying that the customer has purchased more than $X.

But I think you can also do this with cart promotions on total amount and then have one for each usergroup that you want it applied to.

I don't think it is possible to do this through CS Cart. I have tried several different ways and no luck.

You need to create 2 different Cart Promotions for tiers like this.

Promotion 1: Order subtotal >= $1k and Order subtotal <2k

Promotion 2: Order subtotal >= $2k

For Promotion 1 include these two Condition (along with any User Group condition), ALL must be TRUE:

Order subtotal equal or greater 1000.00

Order subtotal less 2000.00 (prevents promo from applying to subtotal over 1999.99)

You don't need to add a Promotion Group unless your Bonus is going to be the same for different Promotion Groups. Promotion Groups apply to the Conditions only, but if you CAN offer the same Bonus it can save time by setting up the conditions in Groups (At the top, declare that ANY of the Groups must be TRUE, then create your Groups and declare that ALL the Conditions in each Group must be TRUE), then inside each Group the User Group and Order Subtotal can be modified, and the same 5% or 10% Bonus is given and you can call it the "5% Discount". For instance, you could add another Group of Conditions that includes a Coupon Code, and give the same "5% Discount" Bonus.

Thanks Magpie, Works exactly as I hoped it would. I appreciate the help.