Different price when click on radio button

I hope someone can assist me. I’m not an expert in programming and have purchased CS with latest version. I’m trying to set up a product. I created the product with 2 options small and large. I have searched the forum, google and the manual and can’t figure this out. When a customer clicks on either option the pricing would change as the small item has 1 price and large has another. I have looked at Interspire you can look at this program and it does this Click Here I tried the variant option but that is not what I need as it adds +/- to the pricing.

Can someone please assist I greatly appreciate any help.



I might be missing something here but I believe you’re accomplishing exactly what you’re asking. The example performs in the exact way that Cs’s options/variants works. You can also apply the different product numbers as well as images and different pricing.

You’re correct in the fact that the price is added or subtracted based on your variant configuration, but is this not what you’re trying to accomplish?

The only other thing that I can think of that might help is that once you create a product option you then need to go to the “option combinations” link on the left hand lower part of the product options screen under your newly created option. From here you will essentially be applying your option conbinations to the product along with product numbers, images and quantity which allows this function to operate correctly.

It’s kind of tedious the way this function is structured due to the fact you have two steps to create a product option such as this.

If you just want to get rid of the (+/-) text, then you will have to delete in your files somewhere and thats above my skill set. Sorry. Hope this hasn’t completely confused you, but I do know this is somewhere deep in to the manual if you want to call it that. (manual)


Hello derbytown502

Thank you so much for your help. In the product page I just kept the price at $0 and used “option combination”. Well it’s working the way I feel it should. Thank you again

The only problem with putting the price at $0 and only putting the full price in your options is that it might impact any promotions you set up for that product. I am using 2.0.8 and wanted to have the same type of setup but found out that none of my promotions would work because they key off the base price (which was set to $0.) I’m not sure they’ve changed that at all in the later versions so just passing it along.