Different price lists

Hi Guys,

Whats the best way for me to allocate different customer different price when they log in…is it user groups and can I set particular user groups prices to be a certain percentage discount across the board.

i.e Mr Smith logs in and cos he spend 20k per year he sees prices A

but Mr Brown logs in and cos he only spends 10k per year he sees price list B etc



Try a hidden catalog promotion with the condition set for user or user group and bonus as a % discount. Seems to show discounted price when the user signs in and sees product pricing.

Quantity discount at quantity 1 for a user group will also show discounted price when user sees product pricing. This seems a bit more difficult to implement and maintain since it is applied at the individual product level and does not appear to be a factor that can be modified with a global product update.

I am also trying to decide how to do something simallar. Let me know what you think will work best. I am still not knowledgable enough to do anything that is not

a choice I can make in the simple choices offered by the admin interface.

Hi, I have the same problem and do not know how to solve it. :frowning:

You could use quantity discounts for a product and just use 1 as the quantity with whatever price you want to use and the user group set to the group you want to apply the pricing to. I don’t think you can use a percentage in this method but it gives you good control over the products and group pricing.