Different price in storefront than in admin section

I have the weirdest thing going on. I have for example a product that costs 10 Euro’s but in the storefront it is shown as costing only 7.81 or a product that costs 15 Euro but in the storefront the price is set at 11.72 Euro.

I have no promotions set under Catalog > Promotions I do see under Catalog > Products > Quantity Discounts that the Quantity is set to 1, Price is set to 35.00 and User groups is set to all. I have no idea what this means and how to change it and if it relates to my problem.

I really could use some advice.



I had this a while ago and from memory it was something to do with my currencies,

I had disabled US Dollar but stil had it set as default I think


The only currency I have set as Active is the Euro. The US Dollars I have disabled. Or are the currencies also set somewhere else?

I just solved it. It had indeed something to do with the currencies. Even though I had US Dollars set to disabled when I clicked the edit button I saw it was set as primary currency. After I removed that and set the Euro as primary currency the prices were allright:-).