Different pages for registered users


I would like to have have different pages for registered and unregistered users. The the home page would need to be different if you are logged in than if you not.

Is this possible?

If so, can someone point me in the right direction…

Tom you can certainly do this - you can check for the variable

{if !$auth.user_id}

load the regular homepage template files


load the specific homepage template files for registered users.


depending on the complexity of the special homepage view - you can change all the left and the middle and right contents just create some additional copies of the appropriate tpl files and include those versions for the registered user

good luck

Great, thanks delta.

So do i use this variable in the index.tpl file?

And then create a new page for the registered and unregistered users?

how do i “load the regular homepage template files”

Thanks so much

Tom - sorry for delay - was away a few days, if you didnt find this yet, here is what I do for my sites.

I usually take the index.tpl and leave it as is, this calls the main.tpl.

Main.tpl is a file I 100% change - I create my own tpls based on the original contents of main.tpl - so for example in my main.tpl I remove everything and then have just one line: {include file=“deltamain.tpl”}

in deltamain.tpl I then put my checks

{if $content_tpl == “views/index/index.tpl”} {* then homepage *}

{include file=“delta-homepage.tpl”}


{include file=“delta-internal.tpl”}


this is the basic concept - I like having my own tpl files to make it very clear for the heavy customization I do - so with this and the original check for the logged in user, you can completely customize things.

I think little ol me is at the stage where I can try something like this now, So I ll be hangin around this thread watching you guys comments, thanks for info Delta


Thanks delta, looks great, gonna give it a bash and let you know!