Different Order Mails to each storefront

I would like to achive this task:

3 storefronts in my cs-cart installation… let’s say domain1, domain2, domain3
For the domain1 I would like to send from no-reply@domain1.gr to users about the order . Thus, I go to “Administration - Storefronts” and inside field “Order department e-mail address:” I put the no-reply@domain1.gr
Now, in order to recieve an order as order department, I go to “Administration - Notifications - Administrator notifications” and add inside “Notification type - Orders” section the mail account I would like to receive, sales@domain1.gr

Now, my goal is to do that in the other storefronts too… So, in this exmample I would like to have:

send emails to users from: no-reply@domain2.gr
receive email as admin order department to: sales@domain2.gr

send emails to users from: no-reply@domain3.gr
receive email as admin order department to: sales@domain3.gr

Is that posible? Because I tried defferent things, but nothing work as expected! thank you for your time, waiting for your respond


Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current version of CS-Cart. Such a feature may be implemented in future versions, but I cannot promise anything.

Thus, inside “Order department e-mail address:” in storefront settings, I should have the same email for all the storefronts, right?

For this particular example, mail account sales@domain1.gr should go to all storefronts domain2.gr and domain3.gr

thank you for your time!

There is no such setting in a storefront’s settings. This setting is only on the Settings > Company page and the settings on this page affect all storefronts.

So yes, if you set the sales@domain1.gr value there, notifications from all storefronts will be sent from that particular email.