Different Order ID/Number

Hey everyone, hope you are all well…

…its my 1st post and 1st time using CS-Cart, i have just had enough of CubeCart as it lacks sooo many things that CS-Cart has to offer…ITS GREAT.

I need to understand or learn how to (if you can) change the Order ID to either a random number, or a order prefix


something like:

(“%y%m%d-%H%M%S-”,$timeNow).rand(1000, 9999);


[COLOR=“Red”]date [/COLOR] [COLOR=“Magenta”] time [/COLOR] [COLOR=“Blue”]random number[/COLOR]

I don’t want to have order numbers that go up +1 every time a new order is is received/paid for etc…

Thanks for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

That might cost a rewrite of the ordre id system. :slight_smile:

But you can change it you self under

[url]Request Rejected

but don’t think the thing with year-time-date will work…

But i will love to se this fix so that you are able to use it random.

Thanks Cassim,

Yeah i no how to change it, its just the +1 i didn’t really want…or even just a random number would be better

Can we change this in an open store? We have a few hundred orders in the system, and want to increase the order number length. Instead of the next order being 123, make it 10123.

edit: Adding a new number in the Settings area affects all future orders, leaving all previous orders intact and undisturbed.