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Can CS Cart handle a tab on our site for different countries so that we can easily deal with the different languages in Europe


Hello, JCMODE!

It is possible to make use of a built-in “Localizations” feature which may suit your needs. Localization is a means of adapting the software to regional differences. Using the feature you can adapt the store for a specific region with its payment methods, currency, language and measures of weight.

You create a certain localization, define a specific measure of weight if necessary; then select countries that will constitute the localization, select a currency and a language for this localization. Click the Save button and the localization will be created. Also on the corresponding pages you can define which categories, products, store locations, payment and shipping methods, taxes, credit cards and locations will be defined for this localization.

When a customer registers or signs in, the system identifies whether the country specified in his/her profile fits any localization. If yes, the parameters will be displayed according to the settings of the localization.

Please refer to the following page of our Knowledge Base to find detailed instructions on setting up localizations in CS-Cart:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

I hope it will help you.