Different Category Template / Layout

I'm quite new in CS Cart and I have question about the category layout:

In Design-> Layout I have created a new layout which I want to use in the widget mode. Is it possible to have another template for the categories page instead of the default category layout?

What kind of changes do you want to apply? You can add/ delete blocks on the layout page in new layout. But please note that subcategories list, description, sorting, pagination and products list are displayed through one block - Main content

In layout 1 (business users) I have a register button / login button to see the price. Once logged in the user can see the price and add the product to the cart.

In layout 2 (consumers) I don't want to show the register /login button, but the add to cart button( without being logged in).

I am afraid, it is not possible to do it in the layout manager. It is required to create new templates for specific categories