difference between IE and FireFox

anybody mind taking a look at http://www.murphyswalldecor.com in IE and FireFox and tell me why this is happening.

It was fine a month ago, the only changes made were adding some products. It looks fine in FireFox but suddenly the layout is totally off in IE.

I’ve gone over the source code and also used a CSS editor/viewer that lets you make and test changes on the fly to see if I could figure out what is off.

It’s got to be either something in the css, or something mis-typed in the tpl files yet no one has made any changes to any tpl OR the sites css.

anyway, if anyone is bored and doesnt mind pouring over some code to help me narrow down what is causing the layout to be off that would be great, if not, I totally understand.

If I can not get this figured out, anyone offer suggestions on what the next step should be.

thanks in advance for anyone willing to help take a look.

I asked for help but almost as soon as I did, Domains Priced Right part of Wild West Domains and godaddy resellers had some serious problems with our webhosting and our secure certificate THEREFORE no one has been able to view the site at all. I’ll ask again for people to look when they resolve the issues.

The webhost after being on the phone with them all day for 3 days finally got the problem resolved.

http://www.murphyswalldecor.com is back up and running and I’d appreciate anyone looking at it in IE and helping me figure out where the css or coding is off.

Thanks in advance anyone willing to help.

It looks like your problem is a comment in your code: