did I get hacked??

Just got this error when I visited my site:


Did I get hacked???

I would say no you haven’t been hacked.

That is what an image looks like when your “parser” isn’t working.

See where it says…

Location: ./webiste_logo2.gif

This means it is trying to “render” that image and it’s assigning a text/html mime-type to it instead of image/gif

I’ve seen this happen before but can’t tell you exactly why.

You might contact your Host and make sure they have the server set up to parse mime-types correctly.

If you had been hacked you probably wouldn’t see it in a pop-up alert, but it would actually be affecting the display of your website.

I think someone else had a similar problem, as they had left some residue “prototype” code in there root folder…not too sure.