Development And Design Agency For Mv - Recommendations?

hello multi vendor community!

I'm building a CSC Multi vendor platform and have been doing a lot of things alone or with external developers mainly form UpWork. I'm willing now to build a long-term collaboration with an agency for development, integrations and design and on-going support. It has to be an agency with experience in CSC MV of course.

I've been exchanging with Simtech but i'm not convinced yet, especially after reading the terms & conditions of their agreements.

I contacted Dumka agency but haven't heard back (yet?).

Maybe some of you have recommendations and good experiences to share? I'm based in Europe- i'd rather work with someone on my time zone, but open to other options as well.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry I cannot help , but i'd like to know if you had any luck with some people at upwork , and if good if you would recommend one ?

Also i am interested to know What is it in the terms and condition with simtech that has not convinced you ?

thank you

Good Luck !


I worked with a developer for some specific tasks but nothing big. I can recommend her, but don't know about more complex integrations and designs.

With Simtech what I didn't like was the fact that they don't provide wireframes before starting a dev work so I'm unsure if the deliverable will meet my needs. As they're part of CS-Cart I'm sure they know what they're talking about but UX and design is not CS-carts forte, thus I doubt it's Simtechs either. They also mention in the specs documents - kind of the agreement between them and you - that they can change the scope and budget estimate 3 days after the client makes the payment. Which is not something I will trust. And you need to pay upfront, again something I'm not comfortable with.


Yes all this sounds a lot of things that would make me feel uncomfortable too , and yes I agree with you about the UX skills and the wireframes.

They are also quite costly..

Good luck !


Thanks - i checked and the UX of their site and client cases are not promising. I need more than development services. And they also need payment upfront :)

The only example that keeps my hopes up for CSC MV is Yumbles but couldn't figure out how they customized it! I could see there's a thread about it :)