Developer Needed To Fix Custom Addon

We had an addon built by a company [Cart Power aka First Dev] and it does not work correctly. This developer is either, unable, or unwilling to stand behind their work and correct the problem.

The addon is designed to import product cost, MAP price and quantities from our distributor, and apply a modifier to those values to items that are under that supplier (Green Supply)


MAP Price = $10
Cost = $10
MAP Modifier = 1.05 (This means the MAP Price will be multiplied by 1.05 = $10.50 and assign that value to the "Price Field")

Cost Modifier = 1.05 (This means the COST will be multiplied by 1.05 = $10.50 and assign that value to the "Price Field")

The addon works correctly, however on items that have a cost greater than $1000 the addon incorrectly changes the Price field to the multiplier, i.e if the Modifier is 1.05, the item price will be changed to $1.05.

As you can see, that would cause problems as our best profit items are over $1000.

We are seeking to get this addon operational, and for that company to help us maintain and upgrade the addons that we have had built by First Dev moving forward.

We are not a large company, and we do not do a lot of custom mods, but we do a fair amount. We have spent in excess of $5000 in the last two years with Cart Power / First Dev and we simply cannot depend on them to stand behind their work or get back to us with problems and quotes in a timely manor.

Please contact us by email at
Or by Phone @ 678-807-8774