Details Needed On 2015 Black Friday Sales Announcements

Hi CS-Cart team, are you planning for 2015 Black Friday sales, if so can you throw some light when it is going to happen.

Okey brothers, I got reply from CS-Cart team through 'Help Desk'.
1) CS-Cart 4.3.5 will get released in middle of December.
2) Year 2015 will not witness any 'Black Friday' sale.
Pertaining to 'Black Friday' sale I personally feel it is the effect of CS-Cart's hosted solution.

I personally feel that the company is slowly drifting towards becoming 'hosted platform'. May be year 2020 will witness end of licensed version. Hmm... another addition after Interspire.

Lots of prior posts on topic of hosted solutions. Please do search.

I don't think their Merchium product (hosted cs-cart) has by any means "taken off".

They are sharing technologies between the two platforms where it makes sense (storage, caching, etc.) but they are two very distinct products. I know there are very few addon developers since in the Merchium world, the addon developer is expected to host the solution.

Just curious what you think a black-friday sale has to do with hosted versus non-hosted?

Dear Tony, I’m an automobile enthusiast and have been observing industry from past 20 years. It is always a common practice to share components between models to cut the cost down. This trend has been adopted by many software firms, most notable is Microsoft where you basically get same code base for every platform and I believe CS-Cart is no exception. I believe that both the platform are fundamentally same and make use of same e-commerce engine. And now coming to the crux of the discussion, by not providing lucrative discount one will be forced to migrate for more economically viable platform and that is Merchium. When end-user migrate developers also migrate.

With all due respect, but do you really think serious merchants are looking to save 10 dollar here or there? My time is better spent working on other things :)

Instead of spending time trying to get everything for as little money as possible, try spending it on things that will actually bring you business. You might be surprised what comes in.

Just my 2 cents (pun intended).

My dear Flow, I wholeheartedly agree with you. But my situation is far different than yours, so bear with me. I really want to save quater of that your cents (pun intended).

To a couple of your points:

1) cs-cart is already an economical platform for conducting eCommerce business. As with most things, you get what you pay for. For features/$$, it can't really be beat.

2) Think you need to step back and look at total cost of ownership from hosting, software, support, forum-support, availability of addon products, etc.

Nothing prevents you from going with Merchium other than loss of flexibility and limited addon availability. But for some small merchants, this is an ideal situation to get their business rolling. If you dig just a little, you can clearly identify the differences between Merchium and cs-cart. Guess it depends on whether you want to drive a Yugo or a Mercedes. Both will get you to your destination, but comfort, speed and efficiency can't be compared (to use an Auto analogy for you).

But none of this has anything to do with anyone providing a discount to a product, and especially for a business product, on a generally American consumer oriented day like black Friday.

My dear Tony; cost, feature set, ease of use, better community support, add-on availability, and frequent release cycle are keeping me here. Also I prefer licensed over hosted as it give me better control. Now, when I visited Merchium administration panel recently I did not see much changes, all the preference and setting are there of course few change here and there, so I ask your good self to educate me about fundamental difference between Merchium and CS-Cart (Ignoring hosting, hosted add-ons and non assessable source code).

Sorry, I'm not enough involved with Merchium and this is not the forum for discussing it. Suggest you go to a Merchium forum to get information from experienced users there.

But again, what does this have to do with a software supplier discounting business products for black Friday or cyber Monday.


But an addon for back friday exist?


I really need it