Destination Based Sales Tax

On July 1st 2008, Washington state becomes the 22nd state to implement destination based sales tax. List of states using this sales tax method:


In my case, I’m a merchant in Washington state and I’m now required to collect sales tax based on the destination of the item shipped in Washington state. Since CS-Cart has not implemented destination based sales tax, I will be in violation of state law on July 1st. With 21 other states besides Washington, I think there are a large number of CS-Cart owners that could be in violation of state tax law.

I think a simple solution would be an AJAX or JSON solution to take the customer address information to create a query to get boundry data from the boundry table and lookup the rate in the rate table all in real time. What are the plans to have a CS-Cart patch in the next 4 days? I have plans this weekend. Let me know if I should stay home this weekend and code the solution.

For more information about Destination Based Sales Tax for your state:


I own an on-line retail business in Washington State as well. So I’m curious to see if CS-Cart has a solution for integrating destination based sales tax in the checkout process.

The wa gov website just added a new tool on their website - a URL interface to tie in with shopping cart programs, found at this link:


I don’t know if this tool is the solution for Sculpting Studio, but I thought I would post this update.

For a none programmer like myself, could someone check out the link above and offer any help for integrating this into CS-Cart. Thank you.

here is also a link for source code:


Thanks for the link Clean Esteem. This is what I was looking for. Since CS-Cart will probably not provide a patch anytime soon, I will code up an AJAX routine to automatically insert the tax rate from the state. If an error is returned, I will default to Rule 5 if status 200 is not returned along with the default tax rate (use the value stored in CS-Cart tax settings.) I will post back later with the mod.

Has there been any progress on this? We just moved to Washington and are now forced to deal with this.

I am still trying to figure the best way to do this. Does anyone have any solutions yet?

We've solved this by hooking a new web service from WA State's DOR website, then doing the look-up and calculation in the cart that way. It threads into several areas … checkout & admin for reporting of course.

Usually 4-5 hours of time to deploy … just not a stand alone add-on.