Despatching Orders Twice - What Is Your Despatch Process?

So this is more human/process error on our part but we have had a customer call to say he received an order twice.

When we have an order we have to manually enter it on our internal system, print an invoice off and put it on the packing table. One of the other staff then books the order out with the shipping company and it's done.

We batch update statuses then at the end of the day usually on cscart but sometimes have to catch up the next day.

In this instance the order processor left a little early just after putting the invoice on the packing table at the end of the day to ship the following day. Someone else then packed it ready for shipping the next day and put it by the door.

On the 2nd day the order processor when reviewing this and new orders in his inbox thought he must have forgot to print the invoice propperly as it wasn't on the table so redid it where a 3rd member of staff booked it out, again!

Nobody realised until the customer called thankfully.

So I need to put in place a solid process where this can't happen - any ideas?

we do the same, but use the internal system for despatching, thus when this is complete..the despatcher CANT complete it again

What internal system are you using

Mamut at the moment. I'm looking at taking a 3rd party inventory and order management system script (free PHP one) and modifying it for our needs as the main software - which will then link to Xero accounting.

You use CSCART or something else for despatching?

we use sage line 50 accounts, for stock and invoicing/despatching etc,