Design Tweak in Default Blue Skin

Hello, I’m currently editing a site under the default blue skin, but it is being changed quite a bit. Here is my problem, I’ve changed the header to have a solid picture background and changed the colors of the dropdown menu, but there is still this one box of blue underneath the menu…I want to get rid of the blue and move the menu to the bottom of the header…anyone know where this blue box is coming from? Here is a picture of the top so you know what I mean.

Did you find the fix? I don’t see the blue you are talking about.

I can’t see any picture Scott.

Sorry about that guys, the picture is attached to this post…


Anyone out there know how to fix this?

[quote name=‘Herbaria’]Anyone out there know how to fix this?[/QUOTE]

You should post a link.

Can you tell us where to see this problem on your site? Neither of the sites linked in your signature have this issue.

My approach would be this:

1) Go into skins/[YOURSKIN]/customer/images and review all of the images there and see if one has the color that you are trying to remove.

If you find it, either A- change it to a desired color or B- search for the image name in your CSS files and try to take care of it on that level.


2) Download the ColorZilla addon for Firefox. yOu can use the eyedropper tool hovered over that bar to see the Hex color. Then search for that in your code and change it to a desired color. Or remove it (with the specifics of that I cannot help).


Download the[URL=“Web Developer – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)”][/URL] and use the View Style Information tool [cntrl-shft-Y] and click on the area to see the relevant code. From there you can do trial and error to fix the problem.

That is how I would approach it given my very limited knowledge of CSS and web-design. Those are pretty much the only methods I have used to make changes to my site.

Good luck.

Baniels, thanks a lot! your post helped. The colorZilla option did the trick!