Design store in Dreamweaver


I’ve used Dreamweaver before, but for some reason cannot get this to work - must be missing something. Before you ask - I’m running Dreamweaver CS4 and XAMPP on OSX, got Apache/MySQL/FTP running.

I’ve downloaded a copy of our current store to the /htdocs directory, have configured the site in DW and have pointed it to the localhost.

Shouldn’t I be able to preview my files (i.e. index.tpl in /skins) in DW under “LiveView”?

All suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

I do not think Dreamweaver LiveView will work this way with the cart. Basically you need to use Dreamwever as a text editor when editing .tpl files. That is about all Dreamweaver will help you with when using cs-cart. You can see you local live site by using your localhost address from XAMPP in your web browser.

For my non cs-cart sites I use Dreamweaver CS5, for my cs-cart sites I use [URL][/URL]

Right, thats what I was afraid of. Is there any app I can just edit the graphics/colours like in - excuse the word - iWeb?

Photoshop works well for the graphics.

By the way, you can open the stylesheets in dreamweaver and edit them in the Dreamweaver CSS GUI.