Design - Site Layout is Frozen


Thank you for the information - you are very patient - are you a high school teacher in real life? Smiling…

My mother lives in Fountain Hills just outside of Scottsdale if you are anywhere near there one day I will have to buy you lunch the next time I visit.

I follow your cache instructions but they do not always work as I mentioned sometimes a CS cart mod rewrite kicks in and sends me to - the public page not my admin index page.

I went ahead and submitted a support ticket yesterday so hopefully Pavel on teh support team will get it straightened out.

Working with CS cart requires patience but if you have it mostly you can get things worked out very similar to HMOs liike Kaiser. You need to know the system.

[quote name=‘jobosales’]Strange - works for me in 2.0.14. When you change the language variable you are updating the database so if it ‘sticks’ in language variables, you should see the change in the storefront.

When you cleared cache, did you add ‘&cc’ to the base admin URL (YOURDOMAIN/admin.php). You have to use ‘?cc’ for the base admin URL (only add ‘&cc’ to URLs which contain ‘?dispatch’). If this does not work, try to manually clear /var/compiled.


work with me.Thanks you so much.