Design Mode template list error

When I use customization mode, the floating div box that lists the templates s cut off so I cannot see the full list of templates. Please see the attached screenshot image.

In the screenshot, the problem is occurring on the product detail page, however I have seen it happen at other times/pages as well.

I am using Firefox 3.5.2

Please tell me how I can correct this so I can correctly locate the templates used.



I also had this happening but recently realized that it wasn’t happening anymore. Although, I think it does occasionally happen for no apparent reason. I know I’ve cleaned out cache and compiled folders/files plus upgraded my Firefox version to 3.5.7 so maybe one of those corrected the problem.

Hope this helps!



Thank you Stephanie. I’ll give those a try.

Although I’d like to see CS-Cart alter the display code to wrap to the broiwser portal height and then auto scroll the listing. This would resolve the issue and is pretty typical behavior fora pop up info area.

I agree that would be nice! Maybe you should put it in the Bug Tracker as a feature request? Not sure how high a priority it would be given but, boy, would it make life easier!