Design mode not working

Hi, I’ve CS Cart 2.08 installed and when I go to design mode and click on Enable Customization Mode nothing happens, it did work before, any ideas:confused:

Thank you


Well, I’ve fixed it by uninstalling version 2.08 and installing it again. It works now.


i’ve got the same problem. it was working recently but seems to have just stopped. anyone from CS-Cart got an answer for this?

im on 2.0.12 and having the same issue. using IE8 and FF3.5

ditto 2.12

I had the same problem around a month ago, and dont have a clue what caused it.

In the end I just completely cleared the cs-cart cache out and browser cache and it started working again. Hope you guys have luck fixing it. :slight_smile:

In addition to clearing the cache i would recommend disabling the my_changes addon and then making it active again. This seemed to work for me.