Design in progress

Hi Guys,

We are currently working on our new site which is 60% complete. We would value your opinions whether good or bad. We have gone for a simplistic approach this time round. Please ignore the banner this was something thrown together. We will be using a rotating banner of some sort.

Any problems you guys can see please point them out. :rolleyes:


Thx in advance

Hi, looks very good your shop, but it seems to be some kind of problem with category viewing, open one of the categories and scrool down to see it.

Hi E.Qi.Librium,

We seem to have solved the issue by clearing the cache. Hopefully we have fixed 1 problem we will no doubt find plenty more. On a side note we are currently using version 2.11 I believe. Is it worth upgrading to the latest patch ? looking around the forums other shop owners are reporting issues.

Thx you for taking the time to post a reply.

seems we spoke too soon just checked browser compatibility and the error appears in all but firefox. Anyone else had this issue ?

Not any more, it looks fine in crome and firefox :wink:

78 page views and only 1 reply:confused: E.Q we think we have the problem fixed however you fix 1 issue and another crops up.

It looks nice, I didn’t see any obvious problems. I would recommend changing the default no image availible to something like picture coming soon or a blank transparent png but that’s just a matter of taste.

Hi Tom,

Thx for the reply. The image will be changed once we know which software to use for the rotating banner.

Were the loads times OK

Load times are good here (US) I don’t see any problems that were mentioned earlier. The site looks really good but one suggestion. I would eliminate the grey shading within your primary site. Just leave it white as it messes with ones viewing of your products. The shading is cool outside of the fixed width…the part those of us see on bigger screens, but I’d eliminate it within the content area. Just my thoughts. Overall nice clean, smooth design. Good luck in 2011!


Yep, I can also confirm the load times here in the USA were quite good, especially if you are actually hosted in the UK.

The load times were fine from this part of the US.

Hi Guys,

Thx you for responding as stated the site is still work in progress so we may change things around slightly. But its good to know that loads times are pretty quick.