Description Boxes Missing After Upgrade From 4.03 To 4.22

After I upgraded to Multivendor 4.2.2 and began adding Brands → “Feature” I noticed that the description boxes are missing to add a Brand description. Even some of the descriptions I added prior to the upgrade are missing. I can still see the business logos, name, title and Url I added prior but there isn't a box to add a description. At the bottom when I add a new business and click save it creates a new business but it disappears.

Also I notice that no matter what I change the business URL to it always adds that funky “en” to the end of the url. Is there a way to fix this? It didn't do this with 4.03

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


It's a bug of TinyMCE editor. Change to Redactor editor will solve the problem.