Deprecated dispatch links or obsolete for frontend use?


I have been used to working with dispatch links for various links to products of which the SEO url might change over time and I do not want to have those links to either a product or a blog page get an 404 oepsie.

So for instance I wanted to link one our banners on the homepage to a certain blog article using a dispatch link.


but do dispatch links require ?dispatch= before the rest of the link?


Do you mean the URLs for the links in the menus (Design > Menus)? If so, you don’t need to add ?dispatch= to the beginning of the URL.

Yes that is my question. Is there a cheat list somewhere to be found in the CS Cart docs where all of the dispatch links for pages and newly added layout pages can be found?

I’m afraid we don’t have anything like that. You can, however check all the controllers and their mods, by viewing the corresponding controller files in the app/controllers and app/addons/[addon]/controllers folders.