demo card issues in IE8

Hello all,

I am looking at the new card (2.xx) for a new client and it looks good. But I seem to encounter some issues with the demo version [URL]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days in Internet explorer 8.

When I place a product in the card and view the contents of the card and then go to have a look at another product in the store the card suddenly is empty again.

This issue doesn’t appear in Firefox, Opera, Chrome or even Safari for Windows but only in IE8.

Would anyone know what is going on?



Try my website:

I think I fixed the issue.

You seem to have fixed it. What did you do?

I am a bit confused why something like this would happen in the first place. This just shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Could be a number of issues.

Just the latest one.


Here’s another one:


I think I have fixed about 3 different cookie related issues.

The most important thing about a shopping cart is the ability to add products to a shopping cart.

Don’t know why cs-cart doesn’t seem to place too much importance to it.