Delivery date and time on checkout step 4, ver 2.2.4

If you PM James will email you a working site/demo version. I did and I like what he has done remember it is work in progress so do expect some down time, hope you had a good holiday James will chat later.

hahahahaha thats funny but true Sok777 makes me feel weird about ordering.

But I'd still like to give it a shot!

Almond Joy

I have made a post for this addon: Addon: Delivery Date & Time v1.0 - Lite - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums

Great add-on, only thing is that after following the instructions for some reason the customers chosen information in not published into the invoice or order. I can see the wording “Delivery date:” and “Delivery time:” but not what the customer has picked ie 15/12/12 at 12:30.

Has anyone else found this and fixed it, any help greatly appreciated.

Running on last version of 2.x


Just to let people know that I got this working with version 3.

Is there any way the ADMIN can be able to add fields in this ADDON such as Purchase Order#, UPS Collect # etc…at the end of Checkout ??

Hello , how can I use it in cs-cart 4.1.3 and how can I save the time and the day on the database on a new table?