Deleting Thumbnails

Hey guys,

I have adjusted my thumbnail size from 120px to 180. I deleted my thumbnail folder & files and have rebuilt the thumbnails with the admin.php?ct command.

My problem is, some of my products have thumbnails attached to them and they are stuck at the 120 size. My website enlarges them and they look all pixelated.

Is there a way to delete the thumbnail image attached to all the products? I can't help to think there is something with the product info that limits it to 120x120.

I just went through and manually deleted all the thumbnails that were matched with a larger detailed image. Then I removed the images/thumbnails the website would regenerate the thumbnails to 180.

Well it seems the older products are still generating 120x120 thumbnails. What could be could be different between new and old products?

Change your sizes in the thumbnail settings, the import via csv just the Detailed image image, by using Product code and Detailed image fields only. Make sure your filepath where the images are stored is different from previous and make sure your images are larger and clear enough. The detailed image import will create new thumbnails at the specified size.

I do remember in V2 or 2.25 there was a problem sometimes if trying to overwrite an image with exactly the same name it didnt update, so to be sure you could in a spreadsheet do a “find and replace” the file extension e.g.

find .jpg

and replace all in one go with 1.jpg,

this will add a number one to all your images then they wouldn't be identical to the previous ones and may overwrite