Deleting Products


I am dropping a product line which will result in the removal of 900+ products. Right now they are disabled. If I delete them from my store,

  1. Will it effect my order history, i.e. will those products be removed from previous orders and

  2. Could I see an improvement is site speed

    Thank you.
  1. It will not affect your order history
  2. The performance improvement will be trivial

Got it, thanks.

Dear Novista,

You may read the article on our website “Website Performance: Is it important?

Hope you will find there some tips how to improve the site speed.

Best regards, Alt-team.

how do i delete products that are disabled only from my store?

- log in the admin panel

- switch to required store-front

- go to Products -> Products page

- in advanced search select Disable status

- perform search

- add &items_per_page=999 to the URL in the address bar in your browser

- select all products

- Gear icon at the top -> Delete selected