Deleting a Product, will it delete its photos too?

Hello Everybody,

Question: If I delete a product using “Delete this Product”, will it remove its photos/images as well?

I’m trying to save space to my server as I’m about to run out of space!

Any help will be appreciated!

I’m using Community 2.2.1

I was curious about the same thing, so on a version of 2.2.4 Pro I went in to a product I was going to delete. I then clicked on the image and it popped into a different tab. I then went back to the admin and deleted the product. Then when I went back to the tab that popped open I refreshed the page and the image was no longer there.

Of course you can always view it via ftp before you delete it, then delete the product in the admin and the image will be gone in the ftp program too.

I am not for sure if this is the same case for 2.2.1 or not.

Thanks for that, but I was trying to avoid the ftp search and delete!

I am guessing you did not read my post?

I only went once to confirm that they were being deleted when I deleted the product itself. Once I saw that the images were being deleted when I deleted the product I did not go back anymore. I just have no idea if it does the same in 2.2.1 so you would have to go once to verify yourself.

Just did!!! U R right! Thanks a lot!