deleted default_blue not cs cart admin gone ***HELP***

I was having issues with a configuration so i deleted the default blue skin from the admin user interface. now i can not log into the admin. when i go to my admin url it says no skins found


the site is still up i just can’t edit anything.


Thank you.

although. if i ftp into the web server i see the skin is still there.

i install default_blue at first then switched to another skin.

looks like the admin is broken.

is there a way to repair this?

site is still there


admin broken :frowning: ugh does someone know how to repair this?

[quote name=‘mpjbay’]site is still there


admin broken :frowning: ugh does someone know how to repair this?[/QUOTE]

Is this a live store? If it is then before doing anything run a backup! Then ask your host if they can do a restore? if not then, best thing is to go to your server and run install from your CPANEL. [COLOR=“Red”]Only install skins though!!![/COLOR]

Then when you have done that rename ADMIN!!! etc


how to i run an install from cpanel?

i can only access the site via ftp to the web server. files only. i can not access the admin ui.

thank you. that did the trick.

to access the cpanel i went to


May I suggest in future that you edit you posts. 7 replies and I figure that someone else has already fixed your issue so I skip past it.

yes. thank you for the recommendation.