Delete Products Warning?

I accidentally deleted about 100 products trying to add new category. That was a shocking news realize that idiots developers think that to delete a category means to delete all products in category although these products also in other many categories.

No warnings, no back-up. I don`t believe this is possible. Out of logic.

This is just a warning to all new users, that this software is not user friendly and poorly developed. Be careful.

Agreed, the logic is wrong.

If a product is in only one category and you delete that category, then yes, logically the software is correct. Although it would be nice to have an option such as “Deleting this category will also delete XYZ products, do you wish to continue or move the products to another category”.

If a product is in two or more categories, as long as the product will remain in at least one category after deleting, the logic should be to allow deletion of the category without deleting the products. Again, another notification to the tune of “Deleting this category will delete all products except X and Y. Z products will be deleted if you continue unless you move Z products to another category”.

I do wonder if CS-Cart ever actively look at their competitors software and say “Hey, that function is great. Let's create our own for CS-Cart” instead of “Hey, that idea I randomly thought about while counting sheep last night would be great, let's do it!”.