Delete Item from basket


I have made i zero stock action modification to my shop with 5 options and it saves this values on the database.

In stock (Value O on the database)

On Order (Value B on the database)

Out of Stock (Value S on the database)

Out of Print (Value P on the database)

Pre-Order (Value X on the database)

Now depending what i select on the on the product edit page when it has a 0 stock value it shows up different information. If i select Out of Stock or Out of Print it will show a message show that information and it will so hide the Buy Button. Now the problem is if its all ready on there basket it will let them buy it. Now what i would like to do is when they select checkout i would like for it to check that item(s) and if its out of stock or out of print to auto delete it from the basket.

Any help any one.

Custom developmentā€¦ Assuming your customers are adding to the cart while you're changing inventory or using a saved cart or wishlist.

Adding the real-time check is not difficult, but it is custom work.

There is an addon that i would like you to consider making if your up for it, i can put a diagram together if you want to have a look and let me know what you think. Would you be interested on it?

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