Delete Images and combinations


you resize all images and want to update your stock…

Well, your import of images will be broken, Because it always ADDS to current item…





3 times… you end up with

M Image




meaning 3 additional same images…

Same goes for combinations… it ADDS to current config…

Can we have a DELETE Current Images/ DELETE current combinations options on that import page ? this is A FLAW… do we need to pay ?

i made a script that runs in my tmp.image dir… scans… deleted same images from main images/ and thumbs etc…

then goes into DB and finds via image path the image id and deletes both from dB… but this is PAINFULL…

Makes no sense to WIPE everytime to get this right…

ALSO, deleting a product DOES NOT delete the images ( they get left behind to eat HD space)

starting to be hoarder style computing ;)…


apart from

$sql="select * from cscart_images where image_path = ‘{$filestripped}%.jpg’ "; // GET OBJECT ID ETC…Could be more then 1

then for each

$sql2=“select * from cscart_images_links where image_id="{$row[image_id]}"”;

then for those

$sql_remove = "delete from cscart_images_links where image_id="{$row[image_id]}$

$sql_remove2 = “delete from cscart_images where image_path like ‘$filestripped%’”;

any way to DELETE in BULK for products ?

and Combos ?

An “import” should use what’s specified in the import and not be additive. If this is not the case, suggest you submit the issue through the bugtracker. The place where this should NOT be done is in Options and Product features because these are related to the product via the Option or Feature id and changing it messes up existing orders and other info in the system. If this were fixed correctly, then Options/Features would be kept related to the product_id, not having the product/feature_id kept in the product data.

Also, be sure you’ve cleared your thumbnail cache if you’re running on 2.1.x. You do this via:


seems they know about it