Delete All Features


I’ve made a terrible mess in db while trying to import features directly through mysql. Now I wonder if it’s safe to truncate following tables in order to start over:[list]







Are those all the tables I should worry about or is there something else to take care of?

I’m on 3.0.6 ultimate.

Thanks in advance,


Why not copy them first, and you'll then find out.

Can I delete all features from admin panel? Or only one be one? I have 5000 features and dont know how to delete them...

Edit admin script on your store and add the following code:

$features = db_get_fields("SELECT feature_id FROM ?:product_features");
foreach ($features as $f) {

after this line:

 require(dirname(__FILE__) . '/init.php');

The go to any page in the admin panel. Product features should be deleted after some time

(!) Do not forget to delete the code after the features are deleted