Delete All Existing Product Files Before Import Option

I am testing to see what the “Delete all existing product files before import” does. I am using version 2.1.4

I have 150 products under my products tab. I have an import products file that has 1 product in it that has a single change from Active to Disabled. If I select the “delete all existing product files before import” button and then upload this import file using the product import module I thought it would delete all products in the database and then replace them with a single product that was disabled.

Yet what happens is that I still have 150 products listed in my product list and the one product I made a change to is changed.

So how do I delete all products and replace them with a new product list using the product import module? If this option is working correctly, what is being deleted when I select the “delete all existing product files before import”? What is a 'product file' and how does it differ from the products listed under the products tab?

I know I can go to the products page and select all products and then delete them and then import the new product list.

Yep, just as you said. the delete all before import will only delete the products your are importing.