Defining shipping cost percentage / Product

I am configuring an online store. They sell books, cds and let’s say some special clothing. Now there are three scenarios.

1.With books they charge 20% of the item cost as shipping with USPS Media Mail.

2.With CDs they charge 10 % of the item cost as shipping with the same shipping method (USPS Media Mail).

3.With Clothing they can’t use the USPS Media Mail.

With the current implementation I have configured USPS Media Mail method with manual rate calculation and have used “Cost Dependence option”. The problem is that with USPS Media mail if a customer is ordering books and cds at the same time. They will be charged shipping as 20% of the total order cost which makes there Cds cost too high. The Problem I am facing now is that I can’t specify percent value for different kind of products. I mean that I can’t tell the calculation module to calculate 10% of the product cost for CDs as shipping and 20% for the books.

Secondly I can’t restrict the customer not to select Media Mail option with clothing since we can’t ship clothing and other similar precuts with Media Mail.

[COLOR=“Green”]My Wish List:[/COLOR]

1.If we can have a field in cs_products like “Shipping cost” which accepts “Percentage Value” or “Absolute value”. That way instead of defining cost dependence on overall order cost one can have adjusted percentage or absolute value for different products. (As in the above of Books and CDs).

2.In the shipping module with cost dependence option if we can add something like:


If OrderCost <= $25 then

FlaterRateShipping = $5.00




4.If we can define a way to tell if a specific product qualifies for a specific shipping method. (Like clothing can’t be shipped via Media Mail etc)