Default values for page title, meta description, meta keywords

In v3.0, under Design > Blocks > Default, are data entered for page title, meta description and meta keywords default values for all pages if not defined elsewhere? It doesn't appear to be. I don't see where these values show up. Thanks.

Have you double clicked the tabs (homepage, categories etc.) and then when gear type picture appears then click again?

I only filled out these values under the Default tab. Shouldn't these values be applied globally/site wide? If I want to override these values I assume then to go to the other tabs (homepage, categories, etc.). Is that not the case?

I neeed help with this too. I need to add mata, key word.

Any help?


Design > Blocks > All pages double click on the all pages tab now edit the info. It only changed my main index page. All other pages I edit in products or category's pages