Default Template Not Responsive - Cs-Cart Blames Google!

2 days ago we were testing one of the default responsive templates we've used for our site ( We tested it on multiple browsers, on both phones and tablets and both iOS and Android. We were shocked to see it was not rendering as a responsive site! So yesterday we contacted CS-Cart support and they did not fix the issue and were of little help. Here's what they said:

"For some reason Google bot cannot access the style sheets, however they are not blocked by the robots.txt file (please refer to the attached screenshots). That is why Google bot sees your site being not mobile-friendly.

Unfortunately, we are not specialists in SEO and recommend you to contact Google support team to figure out why the style sheets are blocked."

We're also amazed that CS-Cart was of little help and suggested it was Google's fault. Needless to say our rankings are dropping due to not being mobile-friendly.

Then 2 hours ago, , added themselves without our knowledge, request or permission as an "Owner" to our Google Search Console!

Any ideas, suggestions or feedback are more than welcome, thank you!

It seems the site viewport meta is missing due to custom addon/mod. It’s better to fix it ASAP.

It seems the site viewport meta is missing due to custom addon/mod. It's better to fix it ASAP.

We've restored the default meta.tpl, cleared the cache several times and refreshed the pages and the meta code will not update to the restored version. Any ideas?

Have you cleared the cache using &cc&ctpl way?

Have you cleared the cache using &cc&ctpl way?

That worked perfectly, thank you very much. You really do "rock"! I had not heard of this different method of clearing cache. What's the difference?

Let it also be pointed out that it would seem that @cscartrocks knows more about CS-Cart then CS-Cart "Support" does! CS-Cart blamed Google and never once suggested this fix but charged us over $45. What a waste of money spent on CS-Cart's worthless support service.

Not to mention CS-Cart adding themselves to our Google Search Console as an "Owner" without our permission or even notifiying us! This is not something anyone should take lightly and I would expect CS-Cart to reply and explain themselves to us!

One (cc) clears he registry and misc files (css, js, etc.) and the other (ctpl) clears the templates.