Default shipping on cart page

hi all i would like to display the shipping charges to the default location on the my cart page without having to press the get rates button initially. how would i be able to do this please!

thank you


Why would you want to provide missleading information on the cart page? The Default location is generally used wihen pressing the ‘Test’ link on the realtime shipping methods and for other default circumstances. Without collecting the customer’s country and postal code, you will be setting yourself up to deliver shipping at the cost you are providing. This may either cost you money or cause a customer to go elsewhere because the shipping it too high or unrealistic.

sorry I am not sure I quite follow, the shipping rate would show in the cart when the customer pressed the cart button, however I want it to show the rate immediately rather than having to press “get rates”

I have posted a screeny, but I wish for this to be shown as soon as the customer goes to the cart.


You will have to digest skins//customer/views/checkout/components/shipping_estimation.tpl

This has gotten complicated with the addion of multi-vendor and suppliers. Basically you want this to display when there is no link. You might be able to fake it by doing (at the top):

{assign var="saved_mode’ value=$mode}

{assign var=“mode” value=“shipping_estimation”}

and then at the bottom (or maybe right after the {if $mode == “shipping_estimation”} line do

{assign var=“mode” value=$saved_mode}