Default Manufacturer Names in Other Language Problem

I have a hand full of manufacturers… certainly not Adidas, Nike, etc and in English all is well. But out of curiosity I started checking out my site in a variety of languages to see what all was translated and I notice that my Manufacturers block has the default Nike, Adidas, etc manufacturers listed. If you click on …let’s say, Nike then it will take you to products for one of my legitimate manufacturers.

However… let’s say I click on Adidas, it then takes me to a listing of D&D Exhaust products, I click on a product and then the Features tab and the manufacturer will be listed as Adidas.

So, seems that other languages are not being updated when it comes to manufacturers.

If I go in to the Admin and select a product in another language…Dutch, whatever, then go to the Features setting then the drop down box will show the default manufacturers, Adidas, Nike and so on. Obviously I don’t want to go through every product in every language to fix this.

Am I missing something or did I find a bug? I’m on 2.0.12

Ok…figured out how to fix this but maintain that I shouldn’t HAVE to do this.

Go in to your Admin then select Catalog>Product Features>Manufacturer and edit then drop down the language selector at top left and edit each language’s list of manufacturers.

I think it should auto populate from your default language as there really shouldn’t be a ‘translation’ per se as it’s the name of a company that will not change regardless of language selection.

Now I’m also seeing that I need to go through any changes I’ve made to things like block titles and change them too.

Is there no way to make mass changes to languages accordingly?

Just noticed something else too… the main greeting on the front page, which is the Design>Site Layout section, does not populate to all languages, some it does, German and Greek for instance, but not French…just has some default text.

So, I guess my question is now, what text is supposed to auto populate to other languages and what isn’t ? I don’t want to have to literally update 7 sites/languages every time I make a change.

Personally I think there is an issue with languages updates.