Default Location Not Working

Hello, I have Default Location (Under Settings> General) with my store address, but for guests and registered users that have not complete the address, the prices with tax are not shown. I dont know when this problem appeared, it worked fine before!


Check the following setting:

Settings -> Appearance -> Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages

It is checked, that is why I think default address is not working.

Is there a way to check a configuration file? Maybe the check is not working...

I have checked the code. The following setting should be also enabled:

Display prices with taxes on category/product pages if the method of calculating taxes is based on a unit's price

It is like that! The problem is when a user does not make an order, after an order completed (so, after the user fill out the State) all is ok, the prices are shown. Check out my configuration print screen.


I have no any other idea. Try to contact CS-Cart support team. Possibly someone from the forum will also help you.

I contact them, they answer that if a guest is browsing the store, they see the right way, but, if a user registered and not complete the address, they see that way. I think is a bad setting, because I cannot make users register with the address and state, and they see the prices in a bad way, not 100% legal.

I am sorry to hear that! Hire someone from the forum to modify the store according to your needs