Default Import For Category. Can It Be Changed?

Hi All,

We have vendors importing their inventory and when they don't define a category the products automatically get assigned to a category called "Products" which is very generic.

We would like to change the default category that products get assigned to when imported. The new category we are calling "No Category" which makes more sense.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

Thanks if you know the answer!!!!


Fixed in 4.12.2 renaming Products to Products without category.

Improved behavior of products with no category assigned. Sometimes your store or marketplace can have products without a category. This can happen if you do not assign a category for them during import. Earlier, a category called “Products” was created for those products.
Now it is called “Products without a category”. It is hidden by default, and you can change its name. If you have products without a category, you will get a reminder to assign categories for them. That is how you can be sure that customers will find the products they need.
If a vendor imports products with a category that does not exist in your marketplace, those products will be updated, but their category won’t be changed. New products with a non-existent category will go to “Products without a category”. If products with a new category are imported by a marketplace administrator, the new category will be created in the marketplace automatically.