Default Features Versus Custom Features


Having tried a lot of combinations/ possibilities, I figured out that Google will happily pick up the "Brand" feature from the default (already) provided features by cs-cart.

The "Brand" with feature ID 18 just showed a positive response from Google recognizing it as the real "Brand" of the product, as compared to the "Brand" that we were previously using from the Google Export Features (Feature group). This means a couple of things:

1) The Features created by default by the cs-cart team take precedence over features created by the admin/user/customer. Is that correct?

2) The documentation from CS-cart is incomplete with respect to which Features or Feature Groups are supposed to work correctly (especially with respect to Google) - and which ones are designed for "other" purposes. The Brand feature on the Google Export Features list is apparently only useful for generating a feed export.

3) The MPN field is still not getting picked up by Google as a product identifier. Please refer to the attached screenshot. I await your kind solution in this matter.


MPN showing incorrectly from cs-cart.JPG

We're going to raise this issue in bug-tracker.