Default Accounting Is Hard To Manage

Hi guys,

The only way to see which product has been sold recently is Sales report, however it's not very clear. I can't see recently sold products with more standardized details on main page or selected for example:


There is no information about Tax Country except the order view where the taxation have to be checked on each order manually. This option should be well visible for MV version.

Do you have an idea how to make it more organized / simpler/ for Vendors?

For example instead of: Order #2 (name of sold products) and price should include/exclude tax depends of transaction etc.

Yes reporting, accounting, etc is something where cs-cart has a long way to go.

I have created an add-on that exports the sales of a search for a selected period of time, which is very helpful. But I need to update it so that it will work with the new variations.

Hey, can you share it? I will make some updates if necessary.